Current Research Projects of Peter H. Santschi and collaborators  

1. Dept. of Energy, ERSP Program, “Collaborative Research: Biogeochemical and Microbial Controls of Iodine-129 Mobility in Groundwater Relevant to Long-Term Stewardship of DOE Sites”, Peter H. Santschi, Robin Brinkmeyer and Kathleen Schwehr, co-PIs, 2008-2011 ($721,248). Learn more >>

2. Penobscot River Mercury Study Panel - Radiochemical analyses of sediment cores from the Penobscot River and Estuary, Peter H. Santschi, PI, Bryce Johnson, Kathleen Schwehr, Patrick Louchouarn, co-PIs, 2009-2011 ($330,400). Learn more >>

3a. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, “Enhanced “Hot Sushi” Lowering target isotope limits of detection for an existing design of a compact, high-resolution, in situ gamma counter for aqueous environments by enhancing on-board filtration and chemosorption capabilities”, for Postdoctoral Fellowship to Bryce, Johnson, Peter H. Santschi, PI, 2008-2010 ($240,000). Learn more >>


3b. Defense Intelligence Agency - MASINT Consortium (NCMR ID 06P07PNNLSchw), “Autonomous High-Resolution in-situ Gamma Counter for Monitoring Marine and Coastal Waters”, Peter H. Santschi, co-PI, Jon Schwantes (PNNL), Peter H. Santschi, Co-PI, 2007-2010 ($168,000). Learn more >>


4. NSF-OCE, “Collaborative Research: Examining the Binding of Radionuclides with Marine Biopolymers, A Comparative Study on Th, Pa, Be, Po and Pb Isotopes”, Peter H. Santschi,  PI, Kathy Schwehr, Laodong Guo, co-PIs, 2009-2012  ($460,487). Learn more >>


5. NSF-CBET, “Collaborative Research: Effects of exopolymeric substances (EPS) on engineered nanoparticle (EN) into marine phytoplankton cells”, Peter H. Santschi and Antonietta Quigg, co-PIs, 2009-2012 ($248,158). Learn more >>