Analytical and Research Capabilities
  The research labs of the LOER are now located in the new Ocean and Coastal Science Building, a ~100,000 sqf LEED certified facility that facilitates close interactions across all fields of science on the campus of Texas A&M University at Galveston.  

Ultra-clean sampling and analysis for trace elements in natural waters, sediments, and biological tissues
Biogeochemical cycling of trace elements, metalloids, radionuclides, and dissolved organic carbon in natural waters
Bioaccumulation and food chain transfer of potentially toxic elements
Atmospheric transport processes and fluxes of trace elements and radionuclides into coastal waters
Sediment-water exchange process
Particle dynamics in water and in sediments; Sediment transport and erosion processes
Geochronology of sediments, carbonate, and other deposits
Development of analytical techniques for chemical and phase speciation of trace elements and metalloids in natural waters
Instrumentation and Equipment:

The LOER contains state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for determination of major, minor, and trace constituents and radionuclides in environmental samples:

  • HPLC (x2),
  • GCMS (x3)
  • Laser Ablation-ICPMS (installation Spring 2011),
  • AA,
  • CVAF Hg analyzer
  • FTIR
  • CHNS
  • Elemental analyzer
  • TOC analyzer
  • Several Gamma and alpha counters, as well as liquid scintillation counters
  • Accelerated Solvent Extractor and miscellaneous equipment for sample treatment
  • Complete description of available instrumentation
  Some of the instruments:  

Bruker, Triple Quad MSMS
Varian, Ion Trap MSMS
Thermo, Ion Trap MSMS

Costech, CHNS Analyzer
Varian, AA Spectrometer
Milestone, Hg Analyzer

Trace metal grade clean room
Canberra Gamma 100 Counting System
Dionex, ASE 200
Access to field and analytical services of the LOER center is performed as contracts or subcontract administered through Texas A&M Research Foundation..
Turn Around Time
The LOER is not a high volume analytical consulting laboratory.  We principally specialize in high quality analytical and field work.  We are not organized to provide rush analytical services but work more on a collaborative manner with PIs from other institutions.  Our normal turn around time for analytical services is typically 30-45 days.  Special arrangements must be made for faster services and a surcharge will be applied.
We follow state-of-the-art research level protocols in all our field and analytical work.