General Information  
Students who work in the LOER obtain their graduate degrees through the Department of Oceanography in College Station.  Students receive their degrees by working with a local faculty member who is a member of the graduate faculty in Oceanography.  Typically, students who enroll in the program spend their first two semesters in residence in College Station taking core oceanography courses.  The student then moves to Galveston where any additional course requirements are satisfied by Televideo courses and/or courses taught by local faculty.  All thesis or dissertation research is conducted in the LOER laboratory under the guidance of a LOER graduate faculty member.
Graduate Students
  Environmental Chemistry/Geochemistry:  
Li-Jung Kuo
Saijin Zhang
Sally Walker
Shaya Seward
Xu Chen
  Ecology (Microbial, Ecosystem):  
  Lindsey Ann Staszak