Dr. Rainer M. W. Amon
Assistant Professor
Department of Marine Sciences
Office: Fort Crockett Campus, Room 154
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Office: 409-740-4719
Galveston, TX 77551
Lab: 409-741-7125
U. S. A.
Fax: 409-740-4787Fax: 409-740-4787
e-mail: amonr@tamug.edu
Ph. D., Marine Science, University of Texas at Austin, USA 1995
M.S., Zoology/Marine Biology, University of Vienna, Austria 1990
B.S., Biology, University of Vienna, Austria 1986
Full CV [PDF]
Research Interests
Biogeochemical fluxes of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the Arctic Ocean
Land - ocean transport of carbon and nitrogen in light of environmental change in the Arctic
Identification of the chemical composition of DOM and its use as a tracer for water masses
The role of environmental factors for the activity and community composition of aquatic bacteria. The role of bacteria for the carbon cycle in the ocean, estuaries, and rivers
Relationships among DOM composition, UV-radiation, trace elements, and microbes