Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)
  Due to my previous affiliation with the AWI there are numerous collaborations with the following researchers from different departments
Dr. BenediKt Meon: Biological Oceanography
Dr. Volker Rachold: Periglacial Dynamics
Dr. Ruediger Stein: Geology
Dr. Gereon Budeus: Physical Oceanography
Dr. Ursula Schauer: Physical Oceanography
  Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) - The Ecosystem center
  Dr. Bruce Peterson: Biogeochemistry
Dr. Robert Holmes: Biogeochemistry and Hydrology
Dr. James Macclelland: Biogeochemistry
  University of South Carolina, Marine Science Program
  Dr. Ron Benner: Chemical Oceanography, Organic Geochemistry, Microbial Ecology
  University of Uppsala, Department of Limnology
  Dr. Lars Tranvik: Microbial Ecology
  University of Alaska Fairbanks
  Dr. Hajo Eicken: Geology and Geophysics