Name: Hsiu-Ping (Erin) Li

Title:  Graduate Student


Contact Info.:           

Texas A&M University at Galveston

5007 Ave U.


TX 77551 USA

Phone: 409-740-4772

Fax: 409-740-4786




M.S.  Marine Biotechnology, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, 2001

B.S.     Food Science, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, 1999 

Specialty:  Aquatic plankton and microbial ecology      
Research Interests:

Ecological roles of microbes in biogeochemical processes.  Mechanisms of changing composition of plankton and microbes in aquatic environment.  

Selected Recent Publications:

Li, H.-P., Miller, C. J., Roelke, D. L., Davis, S. E. III. 2009. (In prep) System-scale response of the planktonic environment in two subtropical estuaries of the western Gulf Coast, USA during wet and dry years. Estuaries and Coasts.

Wen, L.-S., Warnken, K. W., Santschi, P. H., Li, H.-P., Davison, W., Zhang, H., Jiann, K.-T. 2009. Size and chemical affinity fractionated dissolved cadmium, copper and nickel in Gulf of Mexico surface Waters. Marine Chemistry. In revise.

Miller, C. J., Davis, S. E. III, Roelke, D. L., Li, H.-P., Driffill, M. J. 2009. Factors influencing algal biomass in hydrologically dynamic salt ponds in a subtropical salt marsh landscape. Wetlands. In press.

Miller, C. J., Roelke, D. L., Davis, S. E. III, Li, H.-P., Gable, G. M. 2008. The role of inflow magnitude and frequency on plankton communities from the Guadalupe Estuary, Texas, USA: Findings from microcosm experiments. Estuaries, Coastal and Shelves Sciences. 80:67-73.

Li, H.-P., Gong, G.-C., Hsiung, T.-M., 2002. Phytoplankton pigments analysis by HPLC and its application in algal community investigations. Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica. 43: 283-290.

Lu, Y.-H., Hwang, S.-P., Chen, K.-M., Chung, C. C., Li, H.-P., Hsiung, T.-M., and Chang, J. 2001. Isolation and identification of a picophytoplankton, Nannochloris sp., in coastal waters of northern Taiwan. Acta Oceanographica Taiwanica. 39(1), 83-92.