Chen Xu




Ph. D candidate




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09/2000-08/2004: Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, Peoples Republic of China; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering

09/2004-12/2007: Texas A&M University, Galveston, Texas, USA; Master of Science, majoring in Oceanography


Research Interests

  • Chemical Oceanography
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Microbiology and Radiochemistry  

Selected recent publications

  1. Xu, C., Santschi, P.H., Schwher, K., Hung, C.-C., 2009. Optimized isolation procedure for obtaining strongly actinide binding exopolymeric substances (EPS) from two bacteria (Sagittula stellata and Pseudomonas fluorescens Biovar II). Bioresource Technology. 100,6010-6021
  2. Miao, A., Schwehr, K.A., Xu, C., Zhang, S., Luo, Z., Quigg, A., Santschi, P.H., 2009. The toxicity of silver engineered nanoparticles to a marine diatom, and potential detoxification by exopolymeric substances. Environ. Pollution. In press.
  3. Guo, L. D., White, D.M., Xu, C., Santschi, P.H., 2009. Chemical and isotopic composition of colloidal organic matter from the Mississippi River plume. Marine Chemistry. 114, 63-71.
  4. Roberts, K.A., Xu, C., Hung, C.-C., Conte, M.H., Santschi, P.H., 2009. Scavenging and fractionation of thorium vs. protactinium in the ocean, as determined from particle-water partitioning experiments with sediment trap material from the Gulf of Mexico and Sargasso Sea. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. In press.
  5. Hung, C.-C., Xu, C., Santschi, P.H., Zhang, S., Schwehr, K.A.,  Quigg, A., Pinckney, J., Long, R., Guo, L., Gong, G.-C., and Wei, C.-L. 2009. Evaluation of the POC and 234Th fluxes in the Gulf of Mexico from sediment traps and size-fractionated POC/234Th ratios in suspended particles. Mar. Chem. In revision.
  6. Xu, C., Santschi, P. H., Zhong, J. Y., Hatcher, P. G., Francis, A. J., Dodge, C. J., Roberts, K. A., Hung, C. C. and B. D. Honeyman., 2008. Colloidal Cutin-Like Substances Cross-Linked to Siderophore Decomposition Products Mobilizing Plutonium from Contaminated Soils. Environmental Science & Technology, 42(22): 8211-8217.
  7. Zhang, S., Xu, C., Santschi, P.H., 2008. Chemical composition and 234Th (?) binding of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) produced by the marine diatom Amphora sp. Marine Chemistry. 112, 81-92.