Name: Saijin Zhang  
Title:  Ph.D candidate                                    
Contact Information

Texas A&M University

5007 Ave. U

Galveston TX, USA 77551


Phone: 409-740-4772

Fax: 409-740-4786


M.S.  Marine Chemistry, Xiamen University, China 2003

B.S.    Fine Chemical Engineering, Yanshan University, China 2000

Biogeochemistry of exopolymeric substances  


Research Interests
Importance of exopolymeric substances in trace element scavenging and formation of biofilms. The relationship between exopolymeric substances and mobility of iodine in the aquatic system.

Selected Recent Publications


Zhang, S., Xu, C., and Santschi, P.H. 2008. Chemical composition and 234Th (IV) binding of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) produced by the marine diatom Amphora sp.  Marine Chemistry, 112, 81-92.


Zhang, S., and Santschi, P.H. 2009. Application of cross-flow ultrafiltration for isolating exopolymeric substances from a marine diatom (Amphora sp.).  Limnol. Oceanogr. Methods, 7: 419-429.


S.E. Davis, III, J. B. Allison, M. J. Driffill, and S. Zhang. 2009. Influence of Vessel Passages on Tidal Creek Hydrodynamics at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (Texas, United States): Implications on Materials Exchange. Journal of Coastal Research, 25: 359-365.