Dr. Peter H.Santschi
Contact Information:
Texas A&M University
Email: santschi@tamug.edu
1001 Texas Clipper Rd - Bldg 3029
Phone: 409-740-4719
Fax: 409-740-4787
TX, 77554 USA  
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Berne, Switzerland, 1975
M.S. Chemistry, University of Berne, Switzerland, 1971
B.S. Gymnasium Berne, Switzerland, Matura 1963
Specialty: Environmental RadioBioGeoChemistry
Research Interests:
A broad range of topics in Chemical Oceanography, Limnology and Hydrology, including tracer applications using radioactive and stable isotopes, relationships between trace element and natural organic matter geochemistry, and importance of exopolymeric substances for trace element binding and removal from natural waters. Recent work centered on relationships between actinide elements, 129I, a number of trace and ultra-trace elements, PCBs, dioxins, and natural organic matter, including humic exopolymeric substances in the aquatic environment.
Courses Taught:
Texas A&M University (Graduate):
"Isotope Geochemistry"
“Seminar in Oceanography/Marine Science”
“Dynamics of Environmental Colloids”

 Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland:
"Geochemical Oceanography"
"Radioactivity in the Environment"
“Environmental Colloids”

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:
"Marine Organic Chemistry"
"Marine Colloids Chemistry"
"Marine Radiochemistry"
Texas A&M University at Galveston (Undergraduate):
"Chemical Oceanography"
"Geological Oceanography"
"Environmental Chemistry"
"Environmental Geology"

Selected Recent Publications:
  • Guo, L. and Santschi, P.H. 2007. Ultrafiltration and its applications to sampling and characterization of aquatic colloids. In "Environmental Colloids and Particles: Behaviour, Separation and Characterisation," Wilkinson, K. and Lead, J. (Eds), Chapter 4, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems, John Wiley, pp.159-221.
  • Doucet, F.J., Lead, J.R., and Santschi, P.H. 2007. Colloid-Trace Element Interactions in Aquatic Systems. In "Environmental Colloids and Particles: Behaviour, Separation and Characterisation," Wilkinson, K. and Lead, J. (Eds), Chapter 3, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems, John Wiley, pp. 95-158.
  • Santschi, P.H., Oktay, S.D., and Cifuentes, L., 2007. Carbon isotopes and iodine concentrations in a Mississippi River delta core recording land use, sediment transport, and dam building in the river's drainage basin. Mar. Env. Res., 63, 278-290.
  • Yeager, K.M., Santschi, P.H., Rifai, H.S., Suarez, M.P., Brinkmeyer, R.L., Hung, C.-C., Schindler, K., Andres, M., and Weaver, E. 2007. Dioxin chronology and fluxes in sediments of the Houston Ship Channel, Texas: Influence of non-steady state sediment transport and total organic carbon. Environ. Sci. Technol., 41, 5291-5298.
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  • Roberts, K.A., Santschi, P.H., and Honeyman, B.D. 2008. Pu(V) reduction and enhancement of particle-water partitioning by exopolymeric substances. Radiochim. Acta, 96(9-11), 739-745.
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