Projects of Peter H. Santschi and collaborators

Current Projects:

1. Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), “Role of microbial exopolymers in aggregation and degradation of oil and dispersants”, Santschi, P.H. (Deputy Director and PI), with Quigg, A. (Consortium Director), and Knapp, T., Wade, T.L., Chin, W.-C., Passow, U., Hatcher, P.G., Silvan, J., and Finkel, Z. (co-PIs), Jan. 1, 2015 – Dec. 31, 2017 ($7,245,432 total, $3,209,495 to TAMUG).

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2. DOE-SBR, “Plutonium Speciation and Mobility through the Subsurface Environment: Nature of Organic Colloidal Carriers”, Santschi, P.H., PI, Schwehr, K.A., Hatcher, P.G., co-PIs, 2011-2016 ($660,128.-).

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3. National Science Foundation – Chemical Oceanography, “Biopolymers produced by diatoms and coccolithophores as carriers for selected natural radionuclides (of Th, Pa, Pb, Po, Be) in the ocean”, Peter H. Santschi, PI, Quigg, A., Schwehr, K.A., and Xu, C., co-PIs, Feb. 1, 2014 – Jan. 31, 2017 ($506,849).

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Recent Projects:

4. DOE-SBR, “Collaborative Research: “The Importance of Organo-Iodine and Iodate In Iodine-127,129 Speciation, Mobility and Microbial Activity in Groundwater at DOE Sites”, Santschi, P.H., PI, Schwehr, K.A., Kaplan, D.I., and Yeager, C.M., co-PIs 2011-2015 ($671,819.- to TAMUG).

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5a. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, “ENHANCED “HOT SUSHI” Lowering target isotope limits of detection for an existing design of a compact, high-resolution, in situ gamma counter for aqueous environments by enhancing on-board filtration and chemosorption capabilities”, for Postdoctoral Fellowship to Bryce, Johnson, Peter H. Santschi, PI, 2008-2010 ($240,000).

5b. Defense Intelligence Agency - MASINT Consortium (NCMR ID 06P07PNNLSchw), “Autonomous High-Resolution in-situ Gamma Counter for Monitoring Marine and Coastal Waters”, Peter H. Santschi, co-PI, Jon Schwantes (PNNL), Peter H. Santschi, Co-PI, 2007-2010 ($168,000).

5c. National Consortium for Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Research Program, Naval Postgraduate School - “Chemisorption Studies of Selected Radionuclides for Use in Autonomous Collection and In-Situ Detection Systems for Monitoring Marine and Coastal Waters”, Peter H. Santschi, PI, 2013-2014 ($167,477).

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6. Penobscot River Mercury Study Panel - Radiochemical analyses of sediment cores from the Penobscot River and Estuary, Peter H. Santschi, PI, Bryce Johnson, Kathleen Schwehr, Patrick Louchouarn, co-PIs, 2009-2011 ($330,400).

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