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  The Calfed Mercury Project - Introduction  




Chris Foe

Jay Davis

Steven Schwarzbach

Mark Stephenson

Darell Slotton

Conceptual Model and Working Hypotheses of Mercury Bioaccumulation in the Bay-Delta Ecosystem and its Tributaries

Delta Conceptual Biogeochemical Model Figure

6.21 MB/24 Pages

1.4 MB/1 Page

  Delta Biogeochemistry Group

Mark Stephenson, Kenneth Coale

Gary Gill

Chris Foe

Mark Marvin

Delta Conceptual Biogeochemical Model Figure 1.4 MB/1 Page




Joseph L. Domagalski

Darell G. Slotton

Charles N. Alpers

Thomas H. Suchanek

Ronald Churchill

Nicolas Bloom

Shaun M. Ayers

John Clinkenbeard

Summary and Synthesis of Mercury Studies in the Cache Creek Watershed, California, 2000-2001

3.1 MB

37 Pages

1A Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Chris Foe Mercury Mass Balance for the Freshwater Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta Estuary

Appendicies A B and C

5.38 MB/35 Pages

0.21 MB/29 Pages

1C US Geological Survey (Sacramento)

Joseph L. Domagalski Charles N. Alpers

Darell Slotton

Thomas H. Suchanek

Shaun M. Ayers

Mercury and Methylmercury Concentrations and Loads in the Cache Creek Watershed, California, January 2000 Through May 2001 8.10 MB

105 Pages


San Francisco Estuary Institute1

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories2

Jay A. Davis1, B. K. Greenfield1, Gary Ichikawa2, and Mark Stephehson2

Mercury in sport fish from the Delta region

Appendix  (10-21-2004)

1.53 MB/63 pages

0.18 MB/29 Pages

3A USGS, Biological Research Division1

US Fish and Wildlife Service2

Steven Schwarzbach1


 Terry Adelsbach2

Field Assessment of Avian Mercury Exposure in the Bay-Delta Ecosystem

0.61 MB

30 pages

3B USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Gary Heinz

The Use of Egg Injections to Rank the Sensitivities of Avian Embryos to Methylmercury 0.19 MB

29 Pages

4A Moss Landing Marine Laboratories1

California Department of Fish and Game1

Wesley A. Heim1,  Kenneth Coale1 and Mark Stephenson1,2 Methyl and Total Mercury Spatial and Temporal Trends in Surficial Sediments of the San Francisco Bay-Delta

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

2.27 MB/57 pages


0.67 MB/9 pages

0.07MB/4 pages

0.60 MB/3 pages

4B Texas A&M University at Galveston Gary A. Gill, Ron Lehman, Key-Young Choe, and Seunghee Han Sediment-Water Exchange and Estuarine Mixing Fluxes of Mercury and Monomethyl Mercury in the San Francisco Bay Estuary and Delta 1.0 MB

44 pages

5A University of California at Davis1


US Fish and Wildlife Service2

Thomas H. Suchanek1,2, Darell Slotton1, Douglas C. Nelson1, Shaun M. Ayers1, Chance Asher1, Ron Weyand1, Anne Liston1 and Collin Eagles-Smith1 Mercury Loading and Source Bioavailibility From the Upper Cache Creek Mining Districts 1.57 MB

72 Pages

5B University of California at Davis1


US Fish and Wildlife Service2

Darell G. Slotton1, Shaun M. Ayers1,  Thomas H. Suchanek2, Ronald D. Weyand1, and Anne M. Liston1 Mercury Bioaccumulation and Trophic Transfer in the Cache Creek Watershed of California,
in Relation to Diverse Aqueous Mercury Exposure Conditions

UC Davis Mercury Bioaccumulation Data Appendicies

3.8 MB/74 pages



2.2 MB/63 pages

5C1 California Dept. of Conservation Ronald Churchill


John Clinkenbeard

Assessment of the Feasibility of Remediation of Mercury Mine Sources in the Cache Creek Watershed


1.9 MB/59 pages


5.5 MB/75 pages

5C2 Tetra Tech EM, Inc.   Final Engineering Evaluation and Cost Analysis for the Sulfur Creek Mining District, Colusa and Lake Counties, California 11.2 MB

393 pages

7C Frontier Geosciences, Inc. Nicolas Bloom Solid Phase Mercury Speciation and Incubation Studies in or Related to Mine-site Run-off in the Cache Creek Watershed (CA) 4.1 MB

38 pages

QA Frontier Geosciences, Inc. Beverly Van Buuren



Michelle L. Gauthier, M. B. Miller IV, and Bryan Setzer

Calfed Mercury Project Quality Assurance Oversight

Appendix A

Appendix B

Calfed Mercury Project Quality Assurance Oversight - Analysis and Evaluation of Split Samples

0.27 MB/21 pages

1.4 MB/38 pages

0.65 MB/21 pages

0.21 MB/39 pages


Chris Foe

Mark Stephenson

Stacy Standish

Pilot Transplant Studies with the Introduced Asiatic Clam, Corbicula Fluminea, to Measure Methylmercury Accumulation in the Foodweb of  the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary

Clam Transplant Study - Appendix

  University of California -  Davis

Specially funded Collaborative Calfed Study

Slotton, Ayers, Suchanek, Weyand, Liston, Asher, Nelson, and Johnson The Effects of Wetlands  Restoration on the Production and Bioaccumulation of Methyl Mercury in The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California