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Specific Mercury Project Related Links

California Bay-Delta Authority Science Program

Mercury Strategy for the Bay Delta Ecosystem (Draft Report; 4-9-2003)

Mercury Strategy For the Bay-Delta Ecosystem (4-2003).  A PowerPoint presentation by James Weiner, Cynthia Gilmour, and Dave Krabbenhoft to the Calfed Bay Delta Authority on 4-9-2003.

Scientific Review Committee for the Calfed Mercury Research Program

Mercury Workshops Announcement

    Workshop Agenda for September 16-17, 2002

    October 8-9, 2002

Calfed Map From Tom Suchanek (3-8-01) 

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Miscellaneous Links About Mercury in California

Mercury Bioaccumulation in Fish in a Region Affected by Historic Gold Mining: The South Yuba River, Deer Creek, and Bear River Watersheds, California, 1999

Delta Tributaries Mercury Council Website

Mercury Effects, Sources, and Control Measures, 1996 - A Special Study of the San Francisco Estuary Regional Monitoring Program, Prepared by Alan B. Jones, Brooks Rand, Ltd., Seattle, WA and Darell G. Slotton, University of California, Davis.  Review contributions by Chris Foe, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and Joe Domagalski, United States Geological Survey 


General Links About Environmental and Toxicological Mercury Issues

Mercury Study Report to Congress

A Review of Mercury in the Environment (Its Occurrence In Marine Fish

Mercury in the Upper Midwest

USGS Mercury Study Program

Mercury Deposition Network: a NADP Network

Toxicological Effects of Methylmercury (2000) - NAS publication

EPA Office of Water - Water Quality and Reference Dose Standards

EPA National Center for Environmental Assessment -  Reference Dose for Monomethyl Mercury

Scientific Issues Relevant to Assessment of Health Effects from Exposure to Methylmercury - A workshop Organized by the Committee on Environmental and Natural Resources (CENR) and the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) - November 1998

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