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1st Year Project Reports (2000)

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Task Agency/Institution Principal Investigator(s) Report
Project Scope of Work Scope of Work
Executive Summary

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Scientific Review Committee Report CALFED SRC Report
1A Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Chris Foe Mid-term Rept Task 1A CVRWQCB all.pdf
1C US Geological Survey (Sacramento) Joseph L. Domagalski and Charles N. Alpers Midterm Rpt Task 1C USGS Sacto text.pdf
2A San Francisco Estuary Institute Jay Davis Midterm Rpt Task 2A SFEI text.pdf
3A US Fish and Wildlife Service Steven Schwarzbach and Terry Adelsbach Calfed/Reports/Midterm Rpt Task 3A USFWS text.pdf.pdf
3B US Geological Survey (Patuxent) Gary Heinz and David Hoffman Midterm Rpt Task 3B USGS Patuxent text.pdf
4A Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Mark Stephenson and Kenneth Coale Midterm Rpt Task 4A MLML text.pdf
4B TAMUG Gary Gill TAMUG 1st year project report (with appendix).pdf
5A UC Davis Thomas Suchanek, Darell Slotton, and Douglas Nelson Midterm Rpt Task 5A UCDavis All.pdf
5B UC Davis Darell Slotton and Thomas Suchanek UCD Subtask 5B.pdf (September 2001 Revision)
5C California Dept. of Conservation Ron Churchill Midterm Rpt Task 5C CDOC-DMG Text and Tables.pdf
7C Frontier Geosciences Nicolas Bloom Midterm Rpt Task 7C FGS EPAmines1.pdf
  UC Davis Slotton, Ayers, Suchanek, Weyand, Liston, MacDonald, Nelson, and Johnson Effects of Wetlands Restoration On the Production of Methyl Mercury in The San Francisco Bay-Delta System


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