Dr. Timothy Dellapenna

Dr. Timothy Dellapenna
Associate Professor
Department of Marine Sciences
Texas A&M University
1001 Texas Clipper Rd
Bldg 3029, Office 341
Galveston, TX, 77554 USA

E-mail: dellapet@tamug.edu
Phone: (409) 740-4952
Fax: (409) 740-4429
Website: www.tamug.edu/mars/


Ph.D., Marine Science, College of William and Mary, Virginia, 1999
M.S., Hydrogeology, Western Michigan University, 1993
M.S., Geology, Western Michigan University, 1991
B.S., Geology, Michigan State University, Michigan 1986


Coastal marine sedimentology,  applications of high-resolution marine geophysics (e.g., side scan sonar, siesmic reflection surveys).

Research Interests:

Quantification of the record of marine sedimentary processes using physical sedimentary analyses, short-lived radioisotopes and high-resolution marine geophysics.

Courses Taught:

MARS 306: Coastal Sedimentary Geology
IMARS 370: Coastal Processes
MARS 310: Petroleum Geology
GEOL 301: Mineral Resources
MARS 489: Modern Oceanographic Observational and Analysis Methods
MARS/MARB 489: Biology and Geology of Coastal Alaska
MARS 489/689: Remote Field Investigations in Marine Science (Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska)

Selected Publications (student authors underlined):

Carlin, J.A., Dellapenna, T.M., 2014, Event-driven sedimentation on a low-gradient energy shelf: the Brazos River subaqueous delta, northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Marine Geology, 353, 21-30.

Williams J., Dellapenna, T.M., Lee, G-.H., Louchouarn, P., 2014. Sedimentary impacts of anthrpogenic alterations on the Yeongsan Estuary, South Korea. Marine Geology, 357, 256-271.

Williams J.R., Dellapenna, T.M., Lee, G-.H., 2013, Shifts in depositional environments as a natural response to anthropogenic alterations: Nakdong Estuary, South Korea. Marine Geology, 343, 47-61.

Straus, J., Grossman, E.L., Carlin, J.A., Dellapenna, T.M., 2012, 100 years of benthic foraminiferal history on the inner Texas shelf inferred from fauna and stable isotopes: preliminary results from two cores. Continental Shelf Research, 38, 89-97.

Troiani, B.T, Simms, A.R, Dellapenna, T., Piper, E., Yokoyama, 2011, The importance of sea-level and climate change, including changing wind energy, on the evolution of a coastal estuary: Copano Bay, Texas. Marine Geology, 280 (1-4), 1-12, 12a and 17-19.

Noll, C,J., Dellapenna, T. M., Gilkinson, A.K., and Davis, R.W., 2009. A high-resolution geophysical investigation of sediment distribution controlled by cathcment size and tides in a multi-basin turbid outflow fjord: Simpson Bay, Prince William Sound, AK, Geomarine Letters, 29, 1-16.

Mitra, S., Lalicata, J.J., Allison, M.A., Dellapenna, T.M., 2009. The effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on seabed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico. Marine Pollution Bulletin 58 (6), 851-857.

Wells, R.J.D., Harper, J.O., Rooker, J.R., Landry Jr., A.M., Dellapenna, T.M., 2009. Fish assemblage structure on a drowned barrier island in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Hydrobiologia 625, 207-221. 

Maddox, J., Anderson, J., Milliken, K., Rodriguez, A., Dellapenna, T., Giosan, L., 2008. The Holocene evolution of the Matagorda and Lavaca estuary complex, Texas, USA (eds.) Anderson, J.B, Rodriguez, A.B. (In) Response of Upper Gulf Coast Estuaries to Holocene Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise. Geologic Society of America Special Paper 443, p. 105-1119.

Dellapenna, T.M., Allison, M.A., Gill, G.A., Lehman, R.D., Warnken, K.W., 2006, The impact of shrimp trawling and associated sediment resuspension in mud dominated, shallow estuaries. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 69 (3-4), 519-530.

Warnknen, K.W., Gill, G.A., Dellapenna, T.M., Lehman, R.D., Harper, D.E., Allison, M.E., 2003, The effects of shrimp trawling on sediment oxygen consumption and the fluxes of trace metals and nutrients from estuarine sediments. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 57 (1-2), 25-42.

Dellapenna, T. M., Kuehl, S.A., Schaffner, L.C., 2003, Ephemeral deposition, seabed mixing and fine-scale strata formation in the York River esutary, Chesapeake Bay. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 58 (3), 621-643.

Kineke, G.C., Woolfe, K.J., Kuehl, S.A., Milliman, J.D., Dellapenna, T.M., Purdon, R.G., 2000. Sediment export from the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea: evidence for a divergent sediment plume. Continental Shelf Research 20 (16), 2239-2266.

Dellapenna, T.M., Kuehl, S.A., Schaffner, L.C., 1998, Sea-bed mixing and particle residence times in biologically and physically dominated estuarine systems: a comparison of lower Chesapeake Bay and the York River subestuary, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 46 (6) 777-795.


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